The power of our thoughts…

It’s no lie that the environment we live in plays an important role in moulding us whether we like to admit it or not. The subconscious mind slowly begins to accept the information it is constantly fed with and this information is eventually played out in the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

A child that grows up in a hostile environment may unconsciously be feeding his subconscious mind with hostile thoughts and in the same manner, an adult that lives in an environment where he is made to believe that he is a second, third or even a fourth class citizen would at a subconscious level eventually begin to accept this as his/her reality.

We may not have been conscious of the negative or positive influences that have shape us into what we are today but we owe it to ourselves from this point on to control what we allow to take a foothold in our thoughts and in our lives.

With a conscious effort, we can reshape our lives into what we would really like it to be. An important step towards achieving this is to STOP giving negativity, of any kind, a place in our thoughts. I know that this step could be difficult, especially in situations where we find ourselves surrounded by negativity or unfavourable circumstances… but quoting Tony Robbins:

“As soon as you truly commit to making something happen, the ‘how’ will reveal itself.”

Take my case for instance…

I realise now that the career path I’ve taken, which is actually different from what I spent over six years studying at University, is a reflection of the most dominant thoughts in my mind at some point. Recently, I stumbled upon a notebook where I had written (almost a decade ago) some of my life’s goals in detail and I was surprised to discover that my life was already well on that course even without remembering that I had actually put my thoughts down in writing. This goes to prove that our most dominant thoughts do play a role in shaping our lives, for better or for worse.

So speaking from experience, I am encouraging YOU to begin today to consciously feed your thoughts with the right kind of information and you will soon discover that your life, despite your present circumstances, will start taking the shape of those thoughts because as we must have heard before; our thoughts become our actions, our actions become…

Exactly… So what kind thoughts are you having…?

— IfeUma


About Ifemezue Uma

Ifemezue Uma is a Civil Engineer by training, a financial analyst by practice and currently a government employee practicing as an engineer. Ifemezue has a burning desire to project a more positive image of Africa through his writing, as well as reflecting on random thoughts and any topic of interest. You can find him on Twitter @ifeuma and LinkedIn:
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2 Responses to The power of our thoughts…

  1. Akpabio Eno says:

    Nice piece; pretty freaky how u subconciuosly decided your future

    • ifeuma says:

      We subconsciously decide our future everyday through our thoughts which are then played out in our actions… And that about sums up life, doesn’t it?

      Fortunately, when we notice & accept that we are on the wrong course, there is always room for CHANGE.

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