When reality sets in

Life has a way of instructing us… At some point in our lives, we may have looked at our parents and thought; how could they not have known better than to do one thing or the other for us or even for themselves. This could be by way of being more ambitious (simply put) or maybe taking certain decisions which would have put them and in effect their children in a better station of life.

We have all at one time or another wished our parents had given us more material possessions, a better lifestyle or even been more attentive to our emotional needs while growing up… Well, here we are… Most of us never got our wishes but thank God we made it through and can now provide those things for ourselves, and our families; or isn’t this the case?

As adults, though still growing but now facing the issues of life in their hard reality, we may now appreciate the seeming inadequate efforts our parents put into giving us a foundation. I acknowledge that some of you may have had many thorny experiences as children that probably left permanent psychological scars that have affected your lives in one way or another or that some of you had ‘perfect’ childhoods (this writing is not for the second category) but that is beyond the scope of this writing. It is simply the thought that, we could make even worse blunders than our parents before us that I wish to remind us about. This reality hopefully should hit us at an early stage when there is still the chance to take evasive action.

You may not (now looking from a man’s perspective) appreciate what it’s like to be temporarily unable to provide for your family until life deals a blow causing a situation where the income can no longer meet the demand, for whatever reason. May we never experience such setbacks but sometimes we are rudely reminded by situations and unexpected circumstances that it is now our lives, our families, our children and our jobs that are at stake.

We must plan, seek help from God and work with all diligence to make sure we are not found wanting. The obstacles deterring us are many as we can all see but we must persevere. The saying “As you make your bed, so you will lie on it” is as true now as it has always been.


About Ifemezue Uma

Ifemezue Uma is a Civil Engineer by training, a financial analyst by practice and currently a government employee practicing as an engineer. Ifemezue has a burning desire to project a more positive image of Africa through his writing, as well as reflecting on random thoughts and any topic of interest. You can find him on Twitter @ifeuma and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ifemezueuma/
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5 Responses to When reality sets in

  1. Akpabio Eno says:

    Nice piece; touches the mind in places it matters
    Waiting for the next one..

  2. K Nicole says:

    Hey, I like the overall layout of your blog – it makes it easy to read.

    “When reality sets in” – food for thought for sure.

    Reality does have a way of setting in, a bitter pill to swallow sometimes. When it does set in, sometimes hitting you like a ton of bricks, the key thing is to accept and figure out your next step – it is what it is.

  3. Nma E. says:

    This is look really good Ife and it sounds very much heart-felt. There is no better way to express one’ self than through words and actions. Please keep the blog going and air your views. You will be surprised how many people share the same opinion as you.

  4. Toyin says:

    good stuff, i can relate with your article, because I am a dad and truely, I have started understanding somethings and looking back now, i see that my parents are only human and they were doing everything humanly possible to prepare for the world to come…which has come. Thanks for this reminder.

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